Lucky Patcher Alternatives: Similar Apps For Android 2019

Lucky Patcher is an Android App designed for smartphones. It is a free Android App. It can be used to modify many other apps and games, block ads, remove the unwanted system apps, etc. It can even be used to backup apps before and after modifying them, or to move apps to an SD card, or remove the license verification from paid apps and games, etc.

This program is particularly designed in order to protect hacking games. It is a powerful application code, which uses a powerful formula for protection from hacking. As mentioned earlier, one of its other advantages is that it can even block all the unwanted ads that pop up on the screen of the user.

Lucky Patcher Alternative Apps For Android 2019

However, since checking the effect of the App on the smartphone after downloading any new App is more or less a necessary step in the process of installing a new app on the phone. Thus, after installing the lucky Patcher, one must check all their Applications on the use of the patch in specific applications. Before one applies a patch, it is recommended that he or she make a backup of the edited application. Also check out, subway surfers mod apk 2019.

How to Use Lucky Patcher?

I am forward you’ve got root access on your phone. Currently, you wish to transfer and install lucky patcher on your device. You’ll transfer it from here. When the installation is finished you all get a beginning screen wherever Lucky Patcher will scan for all packages on your system.

1. Leo Playcard

Leo play card is a smartphone app, which is used in to hack in-app purchases. As applications like Play Store are comprising many expensive and paid application games, many people are unable to download those apps and games due to their high cost. However, Leo Playcard acts as a solution in these cases. The Leo play card app is designed for the purpose that it solves this problem. It is similar to Lucky Patcher and is quite simply used as a tool for giving the benefits of a paid game to the user without actually having to pay for the game or the application. It has many versions to it.

The latest version for Leo Playcard is version 1.2 which is one of the latest android applications developed by Harshin. The previous version, which was used for it was version 1.1. This version is now considered as the base version. The Leo Playcard App is designed mainly for devices such as Android Smartphones, Phablets, and Tablets. Its size is 1.37MB. The android version that will be required in order to download this app is Android 2.3 and the versions that have been released or will be released thereafter. The developer of this app as mentioned before is Harsh. This app comes free of cost as there is no price to it.

2. Freedom (for Android)

Freedom is another app similar to Lucky Patcher and Leo Playcard. It enables free in-app purchases, which are provided by the Google Play Store. Downloading this app requires the phone of the user to be rooted so that the app is able to function in the smartphone. However, this app comes with a disclaimer stating that it might not be legal in some countries to download this app. Therefore, that must be done with great caution and care. This app is also specially designed for Mac and the iOS software.

This app provides a solution for people who are hooked to social media, shopping, video games, etc. According to the designers of freedom, these other online apps are particularly designed for the user to get addicted to the app and keep on going back to it for more. This can prove to be a cost that one will have to end up paying for productivity, their ability to focus, and it can also lead to the staggering of the general well being of the user who may be addicted to all these apps. However, the app freedom gives control to the user against these strategically designed apps as similar to Lucky Patcher even freedom enables the user to block unwanted ads, which might unnecessarily lure the user into downloading unwanted apps. Also, download towelroot apk here.

3. Oandbackup

Oandbackup is an app which acts as a backup manager for Android. It helps make a backup of selected apps on the phone or any other device and then restore from those backups. It also enables the user to save app data to a more user-accessible location. This app supports the backups and restoration of not only the single apps available in the market but also the multiple app formats which have been floated in the market. Similar to the previous app, even this app requires the phone or the device to be rooted in order to enable its functioning on the phone or on the device.

This app is also free of cost and does not have to be bought in order to be installed on the phone or any other electronic device of the user. Since restoring system apps should be possible without requiring a reboot afterward, this app supports the system of enabling restoration without a further reboot. This app is also capable of uninstalling system apps and handling system apps in a way which depends on whether the system can or cannot be remounted as writeable.

However, this might not work for all devices. Backups can be scheduled with no limit on the number of the individual schedules and there is the possibility of creating custom lists from the list of the apps already installed on the device or on the phone.


Lucky patcher could be a useful gizmo that may be used for modifying automaton applications. Although it’s liberated to use, your automaton device has to be nonmoving for it. It will stop ads, pretend a play store purchase, amendment individual elements and bric-a-brac. Keep visiting Developer Implode for more such amazing posts!

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