Towelroot APK V5.0.1 Download For Android 2019

Towel Root is a rooting app absolutely available for Android users. You can download Towel root for free in your Android device. While downloading the Towel Root app Android users can consider downloading the latest version of it or the version supported by your Android phone. Towelroot can make rooting a very easy process. When downloading the Towel Root apk the user can follow these points.


  • Download the latest version of Towel Root.
  • Check which version of Towel Root is supported by your android phone so that you can make the maximum use of this app.
  • If you want to install the latest version of Towel Root app find a latest version and click on the lambda sign to install it.
  • After clicking on the lambda sign the user will be redirected to a drive. Download the latest version of Towelroot app from here.
  • If the user wants to download the Towel Root app go to any Towel Root sites where you can find the link to download Towel Root apk.
  • It is unquestionably safe to download Towelroot apk from links because many search engines eliminates unauthorized links. So the user need not be concerned whether it is corrupted apk file or whether it contains virus. It is completely safe to download it from links.
  • After downloading the apk file of Towel Root you can install it.
  • After downloading and installing Towelroot apk the user can follow root guide to start the rooting process.

Towel Root apk

Towel Root apk file was first designed and launched in market on 2014. The chief purpose to design this apk file was to help every android user to access this root app. After Towel Root was launched many versions of this app was released with numerous updates. Also read, Subway surfers mod apk.

Now, many versions of Towel Root apk is available in market such as-

  • First released Towel Root apk is – APK V1
  • The second version came up with an update fix bug- APKV2
  • Towel Root developed versions only supported by some android devices-APKV3
  • This version was released for some android devices –APK4

Download Towel Root for Android device

Towel Root app can be rooted through both pc and android mobiles. It is very to easy download and can be installed in phone. You can directly root your android phone through Towel Root app. How to download Towel Root apk in android phones?

  • Go to the official website of Towel Root app.
  • When you go to the official website you can see a lambda sign written over there. You can click the lambda sign to download Towel Root apk file.
  • Your android device will not allow downloads from unknown sources so the user can change phone settings by clicking on security settings and enable downloads from unknown sources. By doing this you can download the app.
  • When the Towel Root apk is downloaded the user can click on the run button and save it.
  • To install the app it will ask for app permissions by agreeing to the terms and conditions the apk can be downloaded.
  • After these steps you can see the Towelroot apk is successfully installed.

How to root with Towel root apk

Towel Root allows the user to download and root through android devices and pc. The Towel Root apk can also be rooted with just one click. You can easily root the android device with the help of Towel Root before rooting process make sure the battery is not below than 20%. Unlike, other rooting apps Towel Root help the user to root their android devices without any complications.

Rooting with android phone

  • After downloading and installing Towelroot app, open android device when the apk successfully downloaded.
  • When you open the Towel Root app the user can see an option. You will find a ‘Make it Ra1n’ option, click that button and the rooting process starts after that.
  • When the rooting process is started the device restarts.
  • After restarting the device Towel Root makes some changes on your mobile phone and now the rooting process is finished.

Rooting with tablet

  • The rooting process of Towel Root apk is same for both android phones and android tablets. But Towel Root app supports most of the android devices but it is not same for all android tablets because many tabs do not support Towel Root apk. And Towel Root APK V3 is supported by some of the android tablets.

Rooting with pc

Towel Root apk can be downloaded through pc.

  • Download Towel Root apk file from any trusted website. You can click on any link available to download Towel Root apk.
  • The user can upload the Towelroot apk and then transfer and save the file in your pc
  • Now you can send the apk to your mobile phone or tablet after that you can start the rooting process on your phone directly.

Root with Towel Root APK with any version of android device.

Some of the android devices do not support Towel Root app. If the user has downloaded any version of Towel Root which is not compatible the app will notify that this is not supported by your phone.

Towel Root APKV3 will be helpful to root your android phone even it’s not supported by your phone. When you click on the home screen continuously three times if the you provides perfect mod strings then the phone can be easily rooted.

By following these steps you can download Towel Root app even if it is not supported.

  • First install the Towel Root APKV3.
  • Now open the downloaded Towel Root app.
  • When phone notifies you this apk is not supported so the user can click three times on welcome screen.
  • After this the user will be redirected to a box where the user should enter the mod strings.
  • After entering the mode strings carefully check the mod strings if it is correctly entered. Now click on the button Ra1n.
  • Now the Towel root apk can be successfully downloaded.

By downloading Towel Root apk file on your mobile directly, or through pc or by tablet but it is the best app to root your device. By rooting with Towel Root apk the user can customize and modify many things on their android devices. This rooting app gives long lasting battery and your android mobile can perform various tasks through Towel Root apk.

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